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Helping Shoulder Instability

Shoulder instability can occur when the shoulder joint lining or ligaments are torn, overstretched, or detached and the ball of the joint moves partially or completely out of the socket. When this happens, you will feel pain and a loose sensation in your shoulder. You may also notice swelling and bruising and have a limited range of movement. Dr. Darin Bush is a doctor of osteopathic family medicine at Mobility Spine And Sports in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He can help you with medical support and rehabilitation after a shoulder injury.

Treatment for Shoulder Instability

The first thing you should do if your shoulder has become dislocated is to rest it for a couple of days. If it is painful, it may help to immobilize it with a sling or shoulder brace. Once the swelling has resolved, your Fort Lauderdale FL doctor will recommend strengthening exercises or refer you to a physical therapist.

Applying a cold compress before and after exercises can help to keep the swelling down. Your doctor may also recommend NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), such as ibuprofen or aspirin. Physical therapy aims to restore motion in your shoulder and increase the strength of the surrounding muscles to prevent your shoulder from re-dislocating.

Do I Need Surgery?

If more conservative treatments are unsuccessful, Dr. Bush may recommend that Fort Lauderdale FL residents have surgery. Surgery is performed to:

  • Tighten the joint lining
  • Repair tears in the ligaments surrounding the shoulder
  • Strengthen the ligaments to keep the shoulder in the joint

After the surgery, you should notice an improvement in the strength of your shoulder and a lessening in the instability.

If you live in or around Fort Lauderdale FL and you need an osteopathic doctor or you want to find out more about shoulder instability, call Dr. Darin Bush of Mobility Spine & Sports at (954) 414-7080 to schedule a consultation.

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