Pain Management

Pain Management in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Many Americans either live with or have experienced an extended period of pain—about one in four people according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Some people choose to accept pain as a part of normal life, but there are a number of solutions that can give you relief. Explore the various ways that a specialist can help you with pain management.

Managing Pain

Pain, which is defined as any physical discomfort, can really make it more difficult to get through your day. It can slow you down and limit your range of activity. It can make working, walking, lifting and even doing something as mundane as bending over to tie your shoes a challenge. If you're experiencing chronic or acute pain that interferes with your daily duties, it's not something that you should ignore because in some cases the problem is progressive. Seek help from a specialist who offers a variety of pain management techniques and therapies.

Types of Pain

There's almost always an underlying cause behind pain -- even if it's just stress or a nervous condition. Here are a few of the most common types of pain patients need help with as well as their usual causes:

  •  lower back pain (from an auto accident or workplace injury )
  •  neck pain (from whiplash or stress)
  •  hip and knee pain (due to a workplace injury, such as playing sports)
  •  arthritic joint pain (an autoimmune problem that often runs in the family)
  •  nerve pain in the limbs (common in fibromyalgia patients)
  •  diabetic neuropathy (damage to nerves caused by high blood glucose levels) 

Treatments Available to You

Your osteopathic doctor will use natural, non-invasive treatments to manage your pain. That means less reliance on medication, which can have side effects. Common osteopathic treatments and services for pain management include:

  • Osteopathic manipulation.
  • Neuromuscular re-education, to facilitate proper body positioning and movement
  • Electrical stimulation with a TENS unit to relax muscles
  • Interventional injections to reduce swelling, promote healing, and help regain full range-of-motion
  • Therapeutic massage to relax tense muscles and lengthen tight tendons and ligaments
  • Interventional injections

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Bush to learn more about osteopathic manipulation, neuromuscular reeducation, interventional injections, and pain management by calling Mobility Spine And Sports in Fort Lauderdale, FL, at (954) 414-7080.

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